Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Paper-Mache Restoration

Finished doll with handmade dress using Vintage fabrics...Replacement antique blown glass eyes...
Hand knotted human hair wig
               This young lady is part of a trio of antique dolls that were sent to me for repair...She
      was a childhood doll of my clients Grandmother.  Quite large (32") and stuffed with straw and
      sawdust......As you can see, she was in rather poor condition....The back of her shoulder-plate
      had been broken off ( with some pieces missing)...Body was too fragile to handle and was
       missing an arm...no eyes or wig..... Stunning face and the most gorgeous painted legs with black

Shouldplate rebuilt using paper-mache and reinforced underneath with Bondo for added strength
A new arm was sculpted for her using paper-mache..A replacement arm was impossible to find and
one original arm is always better than two replaced ones


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