Saturday, April 9, 2016

Flapper Carnival Child

Dad's Little Compo Baby

            This little darling is one that we are all familiar with. A VERY popular baby of the 30's and 40's. She belonged to my client's father and she wanted her to be repaired/restored to hand down to her daughter.

            Once the doll was taken apart she was stripped of her paint . The cracks and crevices were filled with a wood filler and allowed to cure. Once sanded...and sanded...and sanded..she was sealed.
All of her parts were airbrushed to duplicate the original color. Unforunately, her body could not be salvaged ...sooooo a new one was made using her original body as a pattern. Her crier was then repaired and placed back inside her little belly..

Monday, August 10, 2015

Putting Off Until Tomorrow ...

         I know that it has been forever since I have put "Pen to Paper". Just like everyone else there are not enough hours in the day or days in the week to get finished what you need to do. Not to mention what you want to do. I think,for me at least, the older that I get the more that I realize that my clock is ticking at a much faster pace than it used to.
         I have so many projects that are left undone...molds that need to be made...Clay Baby needs to have her arms and legs resculpted...SFGW needs to be cleaned and fired. Then I enter my REAL world..I LOVE my job and it is full time but (and I know that so many of you can relate) when I come home to my family, my energy and artistic fire is more like a flicker of enthusiasm.
        When I peruse my friends blogs and travel along Pinterests roads I become inspired. So much that is out there for us to enjoy and appreciate. Even when I don't have enough energy to fall down I do try to visit these magical places at least a few minutes each day. Could the time be better spent exercising or volunteering for a worthy cause? Probably....Will I? Probably not....
         As I get older I have decided that I will do my best to achieve some sort of a balance in my life. I have also found that the tired old saying of "It is what it is" needs to be thrown out of my everyday dialogue.."It is what it is" IS because I have done nothing to change "what is"...I am on vacation this week and will be enjoying the company of my family...amusement parks...getting ready to have a new shed/studio built in my backyard..In a week I will greet reality with a reluctant smile and move forward. As a Hospice clinician I have seen this LUXURY denied to many...Old and young alike...
        I am basically writing this post to myself...As a reminder that no matter what I will endeavor to persevere and thrill in the moment of NOW !!!
        Wishing EVERYONE the VERY best that Life has to offer....God Speed and God Bless...