Saturday, October 11, 2014

Alisa Filippova Artist Dolls using Living Doll Clay

       I am always searching for anything that invites emotion....These creations are just one of many things that accomplish this task...This young Russian Artist creates these amazing "One of a Kinds" using a Sculpey product called " Living Doll....
        I have used this clay and found it to be extremely easy to work with. Very sturdy and takes color well..At that time the only thing that I did not like was that it did not have a translucent quality...The color was good but I thought that it was too opaque...Boy, was I wrong...:)

        Please enjoy these photo's....

Saturday, May 10, 2014

32" Gaithersburg Composition Repair

After many hours of peeling, sanding and painting...
My $1.00 purchase at the March Gaithersburg show...
Underneath all of the old paint there is the soul of a doll waiting to be released...
Vintage child ready to grace anyplace in your heart...once again

Large Enchanted Doll

         I NEEDED to add this STUNNING work of Art from Enchanted Doll...Marina Bychkova..Up until this moment , her Art Dolls have always been 13" of ( in my opinion)  unsurpassed perfection in porcelain...with a smidge of resin for affordability on occasion...This Beauty stands a regal 36" tall...Gloriana...Please forgive her nudity, as I truly do not wish to offend, BUT, with that being said, it would be impossible to appreciate her workmanship and engineering accomplishments dressed in even the FINEST of fabrics...To see more of her please visit

Gloriana by Marina Bychlova


Monday, March 3, 2014

A Few Treasures from the Eastern National Doll Show


           I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend the Gaithersburg Doll Show...It is held four times a year and boasts some of the finest examples of the past when it comes to Dolls..They also have a sampling of modern dolls and Artist dolls...Unfortunately, not as many as I would love to see,but, with that being said...It was a WONDERFUL show....Here are a few examples of the treasures that were present....Enjoy :)

Kathe Kruse

 Artist Ping Lau with her newsest silicone sculpt

Gorgeous Cissy from Madame Alexander

A small sampling of the lovely clothing and textiles that were available

Amazing Jumeaus from the booth of Ashley's Dolls...North Carolina..The phonograph doll ACTUALLY worked

My favorites...The waxes...One Day :)