Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pretty Porcelain Problems


 Here is another example of age and "porcelain vs. gravity". Her
body was in such grave condition that you couldn't touch it without it disintergrating. Her clothing was in the same condition, fell to dust when handled..Once repairs were done to her pretty little head ( fortunately there was no damage to her face) I was able to obtain a beautiful leather body with perfect joints and compo arms. ( KISMET!! They were destined to be together !! ) Her auburn mohair wig was cleaned and curled. Once repaired she was given a new dress, pantaloons and slip (made by Moi!)...Her shoes were the only article of clothing, unfortunately, that is original to her. Again, this is why we "do what we do"....An otherwise worthless little Dolly now has a certain amount of value ( even if it is only sentimental) and she is able to grace any collection with her antique charm....

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