Monday, January 21, 2013

BJD Mito from New York Doll Produsts

  Always looking for something new..This is a new doll mold from
New York Doll Products...When completed she will be a beautiful 
22" porcelain BJD ...Her mold set is quite pricey (975.00) but well worth it
IF you are going to sell her greenware . Lets face it, not all of us can
sculpt...let alone tackle the engineering issues of a ball jointed doll.
BUT there are those of us, given a beautiful piece of greenware, can
create stunning works of Art.
    Yes, these are for all intents and purposes, considered reproductions 
AND are sold as such. No,not originals, but done masterfully, they are stunning works of Art. Many reproduction artists today , whether they replicate the charm of yesterdays dolls ( Bru, Jumeau , Kestner...) or re-creating one of todays modern sculpts from artists such as Effner, Nissen, Gunzel , have quite a following and their creations are highly sought after.
        As far as this young lady goes, according to NYDP copyright requirements on her, one can ONLY sell her SFGW to customers. You can create her for yourself, BUT she cannot be sold as a finished doll for profit. I have only seen photos of the completed doll and she is truly an engineering
and gorgeous work of Art. ( She reminds me of the beautiful sculpts of Koitsukime ) Poured in
porcelain , the creative possibilites are ENDLESS.
      As I have stated before, unless YOU have tried,it is impossible to realize the countless hours of
trial and error original artists put into their work. The engineering and sculpting skills of the Original Doll Artist, learning AND mastering new materials..not to mention mold making, the special nuances of paint and decoration.and so on...So for the reproductionist, these molds are an invaluable tool from which beautiful works of art can be created..ALL reproduction artists mark their works with their signature and it is also marked as a reproduction ( it is a moral and ethical requirement, not to mention legal)..
     As of this post I have not been able to find anyone ,yet, selling her SFGW...I don't believe that it will take long AND I will be the first one in

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